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International Non-Governmental Organization in Tokyo, Japan
*Established 1999, NGO registered 2002.

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Our Purpose
Being concerned with the frequent outbreak of regional and ethnic conflicts in the post Cold War world, through working in cooperation with the Government of Japan, international organizations, domestic as well as foreign NGOs, and other related organizations, JCCP aims to strengthen the contribution of the Japanese in non-governmental sector to the promotion of world peace and international cooperation. (Charter-Article 3)


On-site Support
Re-establishing law and order, supporting victims, and restoring peace education and awareness raising, employment opportunities, and industry in societies affected by conflict.


Training human resources
Training military, police and civilians, both in Japan and abroad, in peace building initiatives.


Working in Japan and abroad to educate and engage people actively in the issue of peace and conflict.


Improving our knowledge and study of peace and conflict by listening to the opinions and insights of government officials, military、police, civil society, NGOs, the UN, academic institutions


Taking responsibility for Japan’s role in International Peace and Stability; working together with government officials and civil society to make the necessary policy recommendations to carry out our activities.