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South Sudan

Awareness raising of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP):Awareness Raising

Posted in September, 2014

Since 1st of June 2014, JCCP has been implementing project for prevention of and response to gender-based violence (GBV) in Juba.

Arrived were a couple of photos on GBV awareness raising sessions at one of the IDP camps.To create a friendly and conducive environment for IDPs to speak and discuss, JCCP formed women/girls-only groups and men/boys-only group wherever appropriate. If there was no suitable facility for awareness raising session, IDPs gathered under the tree to stay out of direct sunlight and to focus the theme of awareness raising session.
Facilitators explained GBV-related themes with concrete examples for easier reference, including “What is Gender?”, “What is GBV?”, “What should I do when I am subject to GBV?”, “How should I communicate with friends who are subject to GBV?”, “To whom can I ask for help? Although our goal was to combat GBV cases, it was important to put a support system in place any GBV survivor can access quickly and safely.

Some women were selected from IDPs as GBV Focal Points (FP) to take a lead of awareness raising sessions. They were trained by GBV experts and Social Workers to play a crucial role to transfer what they learnt about prevention of and response to GBV.

Some participants said, “We decided not to fetch water alone, but go together for safety”, “Now I recognize forced sex in marriage as GBV”. GBV FPs help IDPs understand GBV little by little.

This project is supported by JAPAN PLATFORM (JPF) and supporters’ donation.


Awareness women group


Awarness boys group