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South Sudan

Awareness raising of Internally Displaced Persons ②―Women’s group activities

Posted in July, 2015

The assistance for GBV survivors tend to delay as their sufferings remain hidden due to the survivor’s hesitance to report.
Therefore, it is important to create an appropriate environment where GBV survivors are fully protected and consult someone in the community without delay.

Apart from regular sessions for GBV awareness raising, women’s group (30 women) was organized for each IDP camp and income-generation activities were conducted by them for 38 times in total. These women met every week to chat while producing hand-embroidered bed sheets and beads accessories, otherwise teaching vocational skills each other.

Women may collect information of their interest or release psychological stress by simply chatting with others in these group activities. GBV experts, social workers and FPs observe the behavior and facial expressions of these women, and offer appropriate support individually, if necessary.

JCCP strategically combined different tribes into one group, which encouraged every women to communicate with another tribe for the first time. Throughout the process, they realized the importance of dialogues for mutual understanding. In South Sudan with high ratio of youth population, it is effective to first change the perception of mothers who have big influence on their children.
One day, IDP suggested to select “Peace building” as a topic of discussion. It’s an explicit sign of women’s interest in peace, and indeed discussion on peace went well.

Embroidered bed sheets and beads accessories were sold at the annual event called “16 days of activism against GBV” in December. Some people reportedly earned income enough to purchase materials with half of the sale.

This project is supported by JAPAN PLATFORM (JPF) and supporters’ donation.


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