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South Sudan

The specialized training for experts

Posted in October, 2014

Under the framework of the project for prevention of and response to gender-based violence (GBV), JCCP organized a specialized training on 2nd of September 2014 for 18 experts, including police officers, lawyers, government officials , medical personnel, and social workers.

The participants were engaged in lively discussions on to what extent they could provide appropriate services for GBV survivors and what challenges they might face. Additional discussions on case studies were facilitated to assess the level of their understandings.

For example, some participants described several possible ways of approaching a girl subject to rape; “Avoid asking direct questions about what happened, instead give her comforting words”, “Never let her talk before she calms down”, “Provide her with counseling in a safe location and keep a distance from others for confidentiality”. Through these responses, it is evident that the participants well understood the importance of respecting the privacy of GBV survivors.

As main challenges, however, participants referred to limited trust in judiciary, vague information of how to access police services, ethical dilemma on reporting the case of juvenile rape survivor to her father against her will – which may result in forced marriage to the perpetrator. Various issues were discussed to develop solutions.

GBV survivors need thoughtful services by trained experts because they suffered not only physically but also mentally. By encouraging group activities, the concerned experts deepen their understandings from their respective perspectives and deliver comprehensive services with high quality.

All these activities are meant to assist GBV survivors in living their lives with hope.

This project is supported by JAPAN PLATFORM (JPF) and supporters’ donation.


Group discussion


Trainees are earnest