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South Sudan

The reflection of a project for the prevention of and response to gender-based violence (GBV)

Posted in July, 2015

On February 13, 2015, JCCP completed a project for prevention of and response to gender-based violence (GBV). During eight months including extended period, following activities were implemented.



No. of beneficiaries

Specialized training for experts



GBV awareness raising for IDPs and host communities



Training for Focal Points



Women’s group activities



In addition, NFIs were distributed as follows.

○GBV survivors, women and children at high risk of GBV: 916 individuals.
(Items: Towel, Underwear, Soap, Slipper, Sanitary Item, Comb, Cloth, etc.)

○To those who received no aid item yet and newly-arrived IDPs: appx. 400 families
(Items: Plastic Sheet, Mosquito net, Blanket, Soap, Washbowl, Mat, Sickle, etc.)

Although it was not initially planned, Child Friendly Space (CFS) was constructed to address the arising needs on the ground.
First we cleared the target space by grass-cutting, then built the Gazebo (free space with a roof) and installed 4 kinds of playground equipment such as seesaw and swing.
This space not only provides a safe playing field for children, but also enable their mothers to keep their eyes on children from the Gazebo, leading to prevention of GBV.

In this project, social workers and Focal Points played an important role, including assessment of family members and health conditions through home visits, and referral to appropriate service providers. They managed to bridge a gap between IDPs and experts - who were once in mistrust and with minimum contact, hence nobody felt encouraged to ask for help.

As part of the project, the following items were produced.

○List of referral services:
This list includes the names and contact details of police officers, medical staff, judicial officers, staff of local organizations for psychosocial support. Based on the interview conducted by JCCP, the list has been updated and shared widely.

○The awareness raising leaflet
The leaflet for GBV prevention with visual images indicates key messages in English and Arabic such as “Let’s avoid walking alone at night, instead go in a group”. At the last page, the contact details of experts are presented.

In November, one of the Focal Points gave us a testimony;
“When I arrived at the IDP camp fleeing from my village affected by armed conflict, I was terribly confused. My neighbors in the camp and social workers kindly encouraged me. In the JCCP project, I was assigned to a GBV Focal Point. Now I am carrying out awareness raising activities for GBV prevention. Now I fully restore confidence because I am proud of helping other people. I will never get confused.”

In three IDP camps, the total number of people equipped with GBV knowledge amounts to 5,000. Although the overall situation in South Sudan remains unstable, we hope that each individual will find strength in themselves and act as peace-builders in the future.

This project is supported by JAPAN PLATFORM (JPF) and supporters’ donation.
Thank you very much for your support.


Women are received items


CFS is used instead of a classroom