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International Non-Governmental Organization in Tokyo, Japan
*Established 1999, NGO registered 2002.

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JCCP is seeking opportunities to have activities with companies and organizations.

If you are interested in supporting conflict areas with JCCP, please contact JCCP.

Contact address

Specified non-profit cooperation Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP)
Sekiguchi1-35-20 Fujita Blg.3F, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 112-0014

TEL: 03-5155-2142 / FAX: 03-5155-2143E-mail:  / URL:

Cooperation with JCCP

◯ Support from MS&AD Unison Smile Club (2013)

We received a donation from MS&AD Unison Smile Club.
The donation was used for improving the facilities for "Child Therapy Rooms" in Mathare district in Nairobi, the capital of the Republic of Kenya. JCCP runs and maintains the therapy rooms as one of the psychosocial activities for vulnerable population.
We greatly appreciate the sincere support from MS&AD Unison Smile Club.


○ Support from Japan Process Development Co., Ltd (2013)

We received a donation fromJapan Process Development Co., Ltd.JCCP in order to conduct sign language training as a part of our ongoing community-based peace building project in Kenya.
We greatly appreciate the support from Japan Process Development.


◯ Support from Yuit Co.,Ltd. (2010)

We received a donation from Yuit Co.,Ltd. The donation provided shelters to street children in Sudan participating job training. They are subject to danger of violence and being unlawfully arrested because they are living on the streets. The shelters provide them with safety at night and enable them to focus on job training. Thank you for the assistance and cooperation.

◯ Support from Heart Pocket Club and Kao Co.,Ltd. (2010)

In Jan 2010, we received a donation of 100 thousand yen. 50 thousand yen was from Heart Pocket Club, the social support organization established by employees of Kao corporation group and 50 thousand yen was from Kao Co,Ltd. This donation was used for our project to supply water in an area of Internal Displaced People's community in Kenya. Everyone enjoyed the spring which is transported from mountains 10 kilos away through the new water supply facility.