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International Non-Governmental Organization in Tokyo, Japan
*Established 1999, NGO registered 2002.

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Who are we?

JCCP has carried out many projects to prevent the outbreak and recurrence of conflicts by establishing sustainable peace situation in injured societies and improving dangerous environments which threaten people's lives, liberty and opportunities through armed conflicts.

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Activities of JCCP

We have carried out projects both in Japan and overseas. In Japan, we organize conferences, research, offer learning experiences for students, and also occasionally conduct debrief meetings. As of June 2013, we have ongoing projects overseas in Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.

How to join JCCP's activities

CIMG2066_薮内修正.psdThere are several ways to join our activities. We accept donations to support our projects. You can also assist with mail errors or join our project as an officer or volunteer of JCCP.